Tour of Royal Inland Hospital Emergency Department

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Emergency rooms can seem confusing and busy, so this guide may help you understand about what to expect at Royal Inland Hospital.

Step 1: Enter the hospital

The emergency department has three main ways to enter:

  1. The emergency department main entrance.
  2. The new clinical services building & parkade: either enter the building by walking through the front entrance on Columbia Street, or by parking on any of the available floors.
  3. The main hospital entrance: walk up the stairs off Columbia Street, and enter through the main doors.

Please see this video on using these entrances and getting to the Emergency Department!


This is a video that shows the steps listed on this page about what your visit to the Emergency Department will look like:


If you are visiting a friend/family member in the emergency department:

  • Give the name of that person to the volunteer outside Waiting Room #1 of the Emergency Department.  They can enter the treatment areas and get information for you and find out if you can go in and  see them.
  • If there is no volunteer, talk with the staff member near the main entrance of the Emergency Department.

If you need a wheelchair, this is how to use the ones in the Emergency Department:


Step 2: Triage

Here, you will be asked who you are, and what brought you to the hospital.

When a nurse is ready for you, you will be asked to enter Room 1 or Room 2. A nurse will take you blood pressure and temperature, to understand what is going on with your body. More questions will be asked, such as:

  • Allergies
  • If you have a BC Services Card
  • What happened, what makes it worse and what makes it better

Step 3: Registration

Next, you will go into the first waiting area. You will need your BC services card ready. When your name is called, you will enter Room 3 to be registered at the hospital.

You will be assigned to one of three waiting rooms outside the emergency department. You will be told to follow different coloured lines to each of the waiting areas.

Step 4: Waiting Areas

You will be told to follow the red, green, or yellow line to your waiting area. A nurse will call your name and look for you in this area when it is your turn, so it is best if you stay in this area.

You may wait between 1-5 hours until your name is called, then you will enter the inside of the emergency department. This depends on  your health issue and how busy the emergency department is that day.

In Canada, people are called according to need, so you may arrive before someone but they may have their name called before you.


Step 5: Inside the Emergency Department

Once your name has been called, a nurse will bring you inside the emergency department. The nurse will let you now which room is yours while you are waiting to see the doctor.

If you need anything for pain or feel thirsty, you will probably need to wait until the physician assesses you, but you can let your nurse know how you are feeling. If you need to use the washroom, your nurse can tell you where to go.